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Getting started in peer review

At the Host-Parasite Interactions bootcamp 2018, I gave a presentation to trainees on how to get started with peer-reviewing for scientific journals. This presentation was followed up with some great questions and answers from HPI faculty. Thanks to all who participated!

The pdf of my presentation can be downloaded here.

< The distribution of reviewer scores from the journal Radioloy, as shown in Siegelman, SS. 1991. Assassins and Zealots: Variations in Peer Review. Radiology 178: 637-642.

Ecological Models and Data

Andrew Bateman will be teaching round three of our course, Ecological Models and Data, at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre from May 20 - June 7, 2019.  The course can be taken for undergraduate- or graduate-level biology credit at member universities. Registration is open! 


For more information, visit 


< Discussing the philosophy of science during EMD 2014 in one of the beautiful spots around Bamfield.  Math and stats is better in the field ;-)

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